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  • Find out what's Happening

    What's happening at Foothill? Well... a lot! So much, actually, that we've set up a calendar to keep it all straight.

    Launch Calendar

    If you want to include the Foothill Calendar in your calendar, here's a link to the XML Feed and the iCal Feed.

  • Help Us Keep this Place Running!

    We are on a large campus.  Which means there is almost always something that needs some TLC -- like burned out lightbulbs, squeaky door hinges, or small-scale zombie infestations.  Use this form to report a problem, and our trustee board will get the news right away!

  • Are you in Town for Business?  

    Get connected with a church

    The congregation at Foothill Covenant Church invites you to make Foothill your "Church Home Away From Home!" Whether you are visiting the area on Silicon Valley business or are a government or contract worker here on an extended assignment, we invite you to worship and serve with us. 

    A Church Home Away From Home... 

    You can gain much from a "temporary" church - and it can gain much from you. Whether you expect to be in the area for two weeks or six months, you can grow a lot within a church that you may only be able to attend for a short time, and you'll be better equipped to serve in your home church. Your choice will be an example to others. No church will be perfect: It may be smaller or larger than you prefer, you may disagree on minor doctrinal points, or the preaching may not inspire you as much as that of your hometown pastor or a conference speaker. 

    Yet the miracle of the church is that together, children, students, and older adults form Christ's visible presence on earth, each with a unique gift that enriches all the others. Don't miss out! Join us at Foothill if you're in the neighborhood! All who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who, in repentance, seek to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives, are welcome to participate in the Communion Sacrament at Foothill. 

    Why a "Church Home Away From Home?" Not only do you need the church, the church needs you. As a visitor or temporary resident of the area, you can offer a different perspective from that of a permanent member. And although you will likely give priority to your home church, your gifts and talents may find a good niche in a "temporary" church as well. But how does one choose a church? Here are some guidelines: Find a church that preaches and practices the Bible. 

    The Bible is the foundation of Christianity and is a key component of worship at Foothill. Like the early church in Jerusalem, we devote ourselves to the apostles' teaching and that of the rest of the Bible (Acts 2:42). Normally you will find one or more churches in an area you visit that uphold the importance of personal commitment to the God of the Bible. These churches may or may not belong to a denomination you're familiar with - like us Covenanters. Remember that individual churches within the same denomination may vary tremendously in character and theology. 

    What if you can't find a church just like the one back home? In that case, your responsibility may be to serve lovingly as a visitor in a church as an example of a Biblically committed Christian Look for an open and warm congregation. Nothing can detract from a worship service more than the feeling that those around you don't care how you're doing spiritually or whether or not you're there. Foothill puts a great deal of emphasis on welcoming and assisting visitors. While openness and warmth may find different expression in different people, genuine Christian love is unmistakable. You can return the favor as well; break out of your comfort zone and make contact with the other members of the church. Sometimes the easiest way is through the children, who are generally delighted when an adult takes an interest in them. It may make your day to have a five-year-old come running up to give you a hug! Meet with the pastor. You can learn a great deal about the pastor and the church in a half-hour meeting or via e-mail. A few possible questions to ask are: What does the church believe? What are its goals and priorities? How can I participate? Beware of churches whose membership is predominantly of one age group or one ethnicity. Such churches by nature lack the diversity that is part of the strength of the body of Christ. Foothill has a variety of members, and we reflect the diverse nature of the Christian community. 

    Make a commitment. You'll probably visit several churches, but once you've decided on one, commit yourself there. Maintain membership at your home church, but attend a Christ-centered church every Sunday when you're on the road. Don't constantly rotate your attendance among different churches. You might hear a great series of sermons, but the Christian community will never get to know you personally. Look for chances to participate. Since your energies are probably directed toward your work while on travel, you'll likely want opportunities that don't require a major commitment of time. However, all churches need the assistance of those attending regardless of how long they're in the neighborhood. If you're here with a young family, consider joining GENESIS, our family fellowship group. That meets on Thursdays for a light supper and topical Bible study.