A letter of Lament and Support:

To our sister church, 

Grace Community Covenant CHurch

This letter was sent to our sister church, Grace community Covenant, in the wake of the 2021 Atlanta shootings

To Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ at Grace Community Covenant Church,


We write to you today from a place of grief and heartache. These past weeks and months have

shown an increase in violence toward Asians and Asian Americans against what was already a

painful historical backdrop of racial intolerance toward the Asian community. We mourn these

lives which were lost, the pain of the community, the fear that it has brought, and the many

countless injustices that have been wrought from generations of racial intolerance. We are

aghast at the injustices being done in our community against our neighbors, our friends, and

our family. We stand with you in anger and in our commitment to do better.  


We have contributed to complacency, we want to repent and learn how to be better allies. It is

both our unity in belief and our beautifully created differences that make us the body of Christ. 


We stand with you in compassion, support, and in solidarity. We are actively praying for you

and our communities, and are committed to being your partners in whatever way you need.  



Foothill Covenant Church