GENESIS:  a Group for Young People, COuples and Young Families

Genesis is where the younger people in the church gather and build community.  

We meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the months September through May at 6PM.

Families take turn preparing a meal for the rest, and visitors and newcomers are welcome, there is always plenty of food to go around!

During the first hour we eat together and socialize.  Some children eat with their parents while others sit at the "kids table".  

During the second hour the kids are dismissed to their program led by Pastor Victoria.  It includes games, activities, and a lesson.  Our kids love it!

The second hour adults are together and build community through studies led by Pastor Hans-Erik and others, as well as lifting each other up in prayer. 

We end promptly at 8PM so families with small children can get home and tucked in for the night.  Others stay and hang out more, with many of the kids playing on the church playground or hiding in the church building.  Sometimes it is hard to get the kids home even if they are tired!

Every year in December the Genesis group goes caroling and visiting older members of the congregation.